Zooming around

Zoom is my new favourite web meeting/training platform. The first time I used it was actually with @greeneterry.

At our Centre, we have begun exploring it as a tool to deliver our workshops. Here's a few things we like about it

  • it's $15US a month (or $150US a year)
  • 100 users at a time
  • has breakout rooms
  • can record to the cloud or to your local drive
  • very simple to use

Over the next few months, we will work on getting better with this delivery format. We will be looking at ways to make our webinars more interactive.

You can also get a free personal account that allows you to hold 40 minute meetings with 2 or more people. If you are meeting with just one person, then you don't have the 40-minute time limit.

Video and audio quality are excellent. If you use Skype, WebEx, Connect, or Collaborate, I would recommend you give Zoom a try. They also have a Zoom for Education package ($1800US per year for 20 hosts).

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