#oext120 - Slide making

Here are some slides I would offer to you as an example of good slide design. This first set is from my slide deck titled "Creating Dynamic Slide Presentations". The concepts in these slides are from an article called "How Cognitive Science Can Improve Your PowerPoint Presentations" based on the work of Stephen M. Kosslyn. slide 1 slide 2 slide 3 slide 4

I look to Garr Reynolds and Nancy Duarte for guidance in slide making. Garr has a site called Presentation Zen - I promise that if you visit it will improve your slide design techniques. He also has an excellent book. Nancy Duarte's site has an article written by Catrinel Bartolomeu titled "4 Tips and 1 Tool That Will Help You Perfect Your Slide Design".

Here's another set of slides for your consideration. These are slides I use to introduce that work that we do at our Centre for Teaching and Learning. These images are actually created with Typorama. I highly recommend such tools for creating visuals for your slide decks.

dc01 dc02 dc03

We've all seen TED Talks and admired the slide decks used in the talks. Here's a blog post on the TED site title "10 tips on how to make slides that communicate your idea, from TED's in-house expert". The first tip is "Think about your slides last" - now go and check out the other 9 tips.

These set of slides are from my slide deck titled "Designing Lessons that Stick". This workshop is based on the work of Chip and Dan Heath. They wrote a book called Made to Stick and spun off a free resource titled "Teaching that Sticks". sticky1 sticky2 sticky3

Now I offer you two TED Talks: "Dance vs. Power, a modest proposal" by John Bohannon and "How to avoid death by PowerPoint" by David JP Phillips

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