#oext117 - Happiness!

This Extend Daily is a great chance for me to reflect on happiness. Thanks @ontarioextend for the opportunity. I found this quote that I think spoke to my heart.

"If you want to find happiness, find gratitude" - Steve Maraboli

Happiness & Gratitude

And here's some curated pictures on happiness.

Our kids
Our kids (photo when they were younger)
A walk in the forest
A walk in the forest)
A quiet setting
A quiet setting)
Collaborating with wonderful people
Collaborating with wonderful people
Good food
Good food
Good tech
Good tech (especially when it is shiny and new
Great dessert
This is very awesome dessert
Rocket pin
Oh, this! And what it represents

Happiness for me is also

  • awesome friends
  • being home
  • having a job that I enjoy

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