#oext105 - Round Robin Mats

Do you use brainstorming activities in your course? Have you tried the Round Robin activity?

The students are in groups of 4 or 3. Each team member is assigned a role.

  • Recorder
  • Timekeeper
  • Rules Keeper
  • Presenter

In teams of 3, the Timekeeper and Rules Keeper roles are assigned to one person.

Here's the instruction sheet to the activity. It defines the roles and lists the instructions. This is available in a 2-up format. You can modify the brainstorm prompt for your particular activity. I print a copy for each team member to make sure that everyone knows what is expected of them. The first time you use this activity with a class, you will need time to explain it. However, the more you use it, the quicker the startup.

The roles make the brainstorming more efficient. How would you improve this activity?

Round Robin Mat for 4

The team members gather around a desk and this mat is placed in the middle. Each member has a corner and is assigned the icon in that corner. The icon defines their role. In cases, where there is only 3 in a team or the class is configured in rows, you can use the mat configured for 3 (see the PDF below).

The Round Robin Mat is available as a PDF. I print them double-sided and on card stock. The instruction sheet is available as a Word document.

Also, note that there are numbers on the mat. You can use that to quickly re-organize the class (e.g. all the number 1s go to this corner, all the number 2s..., etc). I can make a version that has other numbers (5 to 8, 9 to 12) if someone needs that.

In my role as a faculty developer, I use this a lot in our faculty workshops.

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