The perception of speed

I'm exploring my new MacBook Pro. I asked Siri "What time is it?" - it told me the time and then said "Happy St. Patrick's Day!"

I always get excited when I get a new laptop - a new thing to explore. It certainly feels much faster than the 3-year old laptop it replaced - so much snappier! But I bet 3 years ago, I felt the same way about my now 'old laptop'. I wonder how long it will take before I feel that this new laptop could run faster. Do you remember when laser printers came out in the 80s? Do you remember saying "Wow! This printer is so quick!". And then a few years later wondering why it is so slow. Sure machines slow down, but I think our perception of how fast something runs changes as we begin to use it and then experience newer technology. Sometimes, it's not that our older machines suddenly started running slower, it's our expectations have changed.

It's this 'instant' world we live in. Are we less patient because of it? I wonder sometimes.

But I do have to say, this new MacBook Pro is way quicker. :)

MacBook Pros

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